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Sudoku Lv999


Ultimate Free Sudoku (Number Place)!Can you complete 999 level?Sudoku is 999 levels!Amazing if you completed the 999 level!999 questions all free.▼About Sudoku (Number Place) : Complete this grid by placing the digits 1 to 9 exactly once, and only once, in each horizontal row and in each column. Also, each digit should only appear once in every 3x3 shaded or white mini-grid in the puzzle.
▼About puzzle game
• Sudoku (Number Place) all Free! The hotel serves a complimentary Sudoku all 999 questions!
• 999 stage difficulty of Sudoku (Number Place) ! From very simple Sudoku Lv1, there is a level of 999 steps up to Sudoku Lv999 super difficult!
▼convenient features to help puzzle game
• it is possible to note the numbers you have finished filling! It offers a check sheet to check the numbers 1-9 on the screen of Sudoku. Check type two! Number, the red check mark is displayed when you single tap. That number will be gray × mark is displayed when you tap once again further. It is useful become a note when making a Sudoku again across the break and is determined in advance the numbers you are looking for, etc. × mark, numbers that check mark, finished filling!
• history function that can be corrected as soon as they are typing the wrong • You can Sudoku while listening to music! • can play a long time battery power is small compared to other Sudoku!